Warner Center Marriott Wedding | Anand & Radhika

Anand & Radhika were so adorable during their engagement session…they let me pose, twist, & move them like beautiful clay models.  I just love couples who are willing to go the extra mile to get great shots…makes me do the happy dance.  I even teased  Radhika about being my long lost Sridevi (my old school bollywood idol)…she reminded me so much of my childhood FAV!  Boy, I’ll admit, I grew up watching Sridevi and Jitendra flicks and knew that one day…ONE DAY, I would meet my IDOL…I just didn’t know it would be at one of my sessions!?!?  And so when their wedding rolled around, I knew she would be the bride I was going to camera-stalk…and mind you, DID I!  She was a true beauty…see for yourself ;) Anand and Radhika were married at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, CA.  It was nothing short of spectacular, with a dash of pizzaz, and a splash of girly glam. I have to thank Rob Fadtke once again for allowing me to 2nd shoot with him!

Oscar Naranjo, of Ziba Beauty, once again brought to life the dressing room with his bubbly personality and then did UP his bride til she shined…thanks Oscar!

These next few are probably my favs of the day… this girl is undoubtedly just plain stunning…

Of course I had to get fancy shmancy and pull the sheer white window drape over my lens to capture this one…it gave me such a romantic yet vintage vibe; LOVE it!

Radhika’s mehndi was so rich, dark, and detailed…beautifully done! Kudos to Amita of Simi Valley, CA!

…ok so here comes the twist…I walk into Radhika’s dressing room, and there are TWO of Radhika?!?  I instantly do a double take at my so-called bride. The confusion sets in, becomes clearly apparent, so Radhika decides to introduce me to her identical twin sister! What?? There’re two of you??  Someone hand me the Doublemint gum, cuz I’m about to double-ma-fun! Introducing Radhika’s other half, Riddhima :)


Let the dancing procession begin…so much energy, so much music…calls for so many fav images!

Rock-on Anand!! The excitement was in the air…

Huge thanks to Mandeep Bhui for rocking the Dhol for an hour and 15 minutes!! Unheard of…his energy was amazing!


Oh no…the shoes have been JACKED! Riddhima was so proud, rightfully so! Anand had an amazing entourage protecting his prized belongings. I guess it was hard to outsmart the twin!

Anand might be soft with Radhika, but he was a tough negotiator alright!  He spearheaded a hard bargain to get his Jhoote back. Go Anand! Show em how the “ladke-vaale” handle business!

Ok, so I have to pause for a second here…& take a breather. These next few were so hard to choose from; I seriously had get up, leave, make a cup of chai, and revisit them with another take. Anand and Radhika were radiating after their ceremony.  I was lucky enough to have captured these moments after sweeping them away from the crowds and mandap.

It was time to freshen up, glam up, and spice it up for the evening…


Friends and cousins performing a dance skit…their version of how Anand & Radhika met… too cute!

To everyone’s surprise, Anand jumps out and finishes it off! Sheer fun and laughs…and a great way to kick off the evening dance floor jam!

Thanks to Sandeep Kumar for spinning the best and keeping with the crowd all night.