Vinay & Pooja :: Reception :: Ontario Convention Center

It’s here!  This 6th part is the final chapter to Vinay & Pooja’s epic wedding weekend.  If you missed the fun, be sure to check out Parts 1-5 in the previous posts.  Today is bitter sweet; I’ll miss talking about this fun spirited couple and their fab-fun-filled-festivities.  Manish and I had a great time shooting all their events leading up to today, and we’re sincerely thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing wedding.

The ambiance of this reception was like none other.  It was uberly unique, colorful, and beautifully lit.  This reception was a remarkable undertaking for everyone involved with it’s massive 20,000 square foot ballroom and 25 foot ceilings.  Nishant & Amit at 3d Sounds not only rocked the night away with a jam packed dance floor, but also lit the ballroom from floor to ceiling…to perfection!  From up-lights, to stage washes, to gobos, even pinspots, they pulled out all the stops…and it shows.  The design & decor of this eclectic garden oasis was beautifully created by Smita Mohindra and her team at Ethnic Essence.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it…just stunning from wall to wall!  Pooja was a very Eco-conscious bride; Smita envisioned this REGAL-ORGANIC ballroom space with a combination of long & round tables and luxurious silk linens in regal purple & deep gold, all perfectly combined with mahogany & gold chivari chairs.  This set the stage for the oversized “Palm” tree centerpieces interspersed with succulents & candles for the long tables and a combination of floating candles with calla lilies on the round tables.  She also created a regal & opulent lounge seating area for the space in front of the dance floor.  Purple lighting bathed the room, the white dance floor called upon the happy feet, and the paisley wall patterns added charm to the ambiance.  The reception was fit for any bride & groom who wanted to feel like the King & Queen on their special night!

The night ran so smoothly; every last detail was attended to thanks to the planning & coordination provided by Mili Shah and her team at Planning Elegance.  Lastly, I’ve included (at the end of this post) the Same Day Highlights video created and presented at the Reception by the talented & creative Videographer we had the pleasure of working with, Duc Nguyen with Avec Lumiere Productions.

I hope you enjoy this last installment as much as I did.  Until next time…

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RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_01 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_02 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_03 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_04 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_05 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_06 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_07 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_08 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_09 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_10 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_11 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_12 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_13 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_14 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_15 RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Reception_16


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