Vinay & Pooja :: Raas Garba :: Ontario Convention Center

Good morning & Happy Wednesday to all!  We’re halfway through the week AND the wedding festivities.  Part 4 covers Vinay & Pooja’s Raas Garba; the night before their wedding.  This is the fun night of energetic-barefoot-jolly dancing; the night your calves & feet should start aching!  I say if you’re not aching & sweating, you’re NOT doing it right.  Both Vinay & Pooja were ALL IN dancers; ready & willing to jump into the cray-cray 12 step Garba circles!  The Dandiya Raas afterwards was also loads of fun… it reminded me of the GI-normous Cal Poly garbas I used to frequent back in my teeny bopper days.  Vinay & Pooja were such great hosts, they made their rounds into and out of every group doing Dandiya…See!…I told you this was an All Star respectful & considerate couple!

To hold an event at such a massive venue, in which all the wait staff and vendors have to be brought in, it HAS to be coordinated by an experienced team with the necessary expertise.  That brings me to Mili Shah (Planning Elegance) and her team!  Manish and I were both very impressed with how on point they were. They were literally all over the place!  If I needed a chair to jump on, Mili brought one over before I could even finish explaining what I needed it for…I mean seriously, that’s what I call team coordination!!  They flawlessly executed not only the Raas Garba night, but also the Wedding & Reception.  It takes what I call an ARMY to make any wedding come together, but when you have a South Asian Wedding, it also comes along with multiple events, days, venues, and numerous vendors.  Manish and I felt very lucky to have an amazing support group in the team of vendors Vinay & Pooja selected.  Everyone supported one another; felt great…as we were all there for the same purpose…to make Vinay & Pooja’s big fat indian wedding a HUGE success.

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…LOVE this shot of Vinay & Pooja’s siblings…always game for whatever we threw their way.  What a fun-spirited group of goobers.  Manish and I felt right at home with this bunch! (Left: Malini & Nimisha / Right: Chhaya & Naman)RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Garba_04

A few of Vinay friends put together a speech that brought everyone to tears…in laughter that is! They had a bag full of gifts and amenities to aid Pooja in her transition of living with Vinay. To name a few; Nair Hair Removal Cream, Earplugs, and a book about ‘How to Argue & Win Every Time’…




Then a few of Pooja’s friends performed a short skit depicting the reality of how Pooja & Vinay first met and began dating… along with a few scenes from the near future ;) with 2 kiddos and a bun in the oven…HI-larious!










What a night…Jayshree & Suresh…the amazing voices that brought the night to life!  The darn music was so energetic and lively that I felt like dropping my camera and jumping in on all the guju dance mania fun!!  I’m also easily tempted…but NO, I fought it and just danced to the beat behind my lens…






The night concluded with my favorite part…some hoppidy ‘Sanedo Sanedo Lal Lal Sanedo!!’ (I won’t deny it…I’m secretly an EF, OH, BEE) RANDERY_PoojaVinay_Garba_23





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  1. LOVE these – they are beautiful!! This has been the best week ever (well besides the actual wedding weekend :)) – checking out your blog posts has been the highlight of my morning – can’t wait until tomorrow :)

    1. Omg u are too sweet! And, I’m so incredibly humbled that these posts have accounted for your 2nd best week ever ;) I look forward to sharing the rest! Hang tight my gorgeous bride…the wedding ones coming up tomorrow are my absolute FAV!

  2. You guys are making us look great!! The pics are coming out great.. love the build up to the final day! Can’t wait. Thanks Geeta & Manish!

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