Vinay & Pooja :: Mehendi Sangeet :: Rancho Cucamonga

Oh my…where do I begin? Oh yes, the EPIC and grandeur wedding weekend, to say the least, began Friday night with a colorful Mehendi & Sangeet shin dig.  This was one weekend I was eagerly looking forward to; and at the same time very nervous about.  When Pooja first sat down with Manish and I last August to discuss the possibility of Manish & I covering her wedding, we were honestly thrilled.  She notified us it would be a BIG wedding, and of course we brushed it off thinking ‘oh yeah we’ve got this, no sweat.’  Only later to find out there were 1200 invitees!!  Yes I repeat, 1200 invitees.  I took a deep breath and thought, No…wait…surely she’s joking.  Nope, no joke, this was frankly a colossal wedding.  My initial thoughts were, how on the planet are we going to get coverage of THAT many people!?  Then, as it sunk in, I felt priviledged and honored that she chose us, she trusted us, she wanted US!  (Pooja and Vinay… I hope we did you proud :)

But before I go deep, I’d like to make it known…I consider this wedding a conquered milestone with many more to come. I say this with a sigh of relief now that it’s all said and done, as the weekend went smoothly with the help of THE ARMY she hired to get the job done (more on that & my love for great vendors later).  A full week of gorgeous vibrant colors ahead, but lets start with the first glimpse into what’s coming up the rest of this week :: featuring Pooja + Vinay’s celebration.  So here you have it…six celebratory parts, three long days, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree…and it all begins here, so sit back and I hope you enjoy my rendition of the weekend.  Here we go!

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Ok pause… double take!  Isn’t my bride just plain gorgeous?!  Shout out to Farah Manekia of My Fair Bride for the beautiful Hair & Makeup job.




Isn’t the detail in her Mehendi superb?!…done by Bhavana Patel! Oh and that gorgeous forest green chudidaar she’s sporting is from one of the local retailers here on Pioneer; Dreams Collection.










As you can see, I had some substantial competition… ;)


Ok, so before you go any further…in the words of Ricky Ricardo, Lemme Splain… for all of you not in attendance, you might wonder why the Bride’s smiling behind the mic. Well Pooja’s brother, Naman, pushed Pooja onto the stage, handed her a mic and said, ‘sing that wedding song you’ve been singing since you were a little girl.’ The guests (me included) were baffled at what was really going on, but I had my camera ready nonetheless! Pooja hesitated, but being the all star entertainer she is, took the mic. Before starting, she did however clarify she didn’t know all the words, but would oblige anyway. The song was basically about Pooja’s lineup of seemingly hilarious excuses as to why she wouldn’t want to go to her “Saansare” (Husbands House) after marriage. Now I’m obviously not able to replay that bit for you (I’m not a videographer after all) but you CAN see for yourself below that we had A TON of laughs!





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  1. These are beautiful Geeta – i love seeing all the different shots you were able to get and getting even more excited to see the rest!

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