The Unknown World of Photography

Overwhelmed is how I feel. Under educated is what I am. So much to learn, so few teachers.

I guess I’ve always had a thing for photos, taking pictures, organizing albums, and saving negatives. Till this day I’m still the “keeper” of our family albums, negatives, baby pictures, and the designee who makes our family photo collages. I’ve been the one who ALWAYS, yes ALWAYS, has her camera with her. Ok, yes, when I carry a super cutesy clutch I have to leave home w/ out the camera, BUT for the most part, it’s attached to my left hip if you will.

A few months ago, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Monica tells Manish and I that she has an engagement gift for us (in addition to the engagement party she was already throwing us)! Jeez, I’m thinking what more is she going to do for us?!?! She tells us she’s hired a photographer (who also happens to be a good friend of hers) to shoot and document the day of our engagement ceremony! So, at this point, I’m ecstatic! I immediately ask for her name and google her! I check out every single picture on this woman’s website (Erin Hughes) until my eyes hurt. I was inspired by what I saw… I couldn’t have been happier knowing my engagement ceremony would be captured by someone so talented.

The day of the engagement ceremony, my family and I arrive, we wait for the rest of my family and friends to park their cars and meet us at the front of Manish’s parents house. While we wait, I see this tall blonde sporting an Indo outfit and think… “THIS must be Erin!” So I say HI!!! and give her a big hug, tell her I love her work. She takes a step back and before I know it she snaps an image of me. She immediately show’s me the image on the cameras LCD screen and I’m just blown away.   The image made me look so glamorous…and I wasn’t used to seeing myself in that light.  Granted, I have to give additional credit where it’s deserved, my hair & makeup artist (Lulu) made me up like there’s no washing ma-face! With the magic that Lulu cast and the brilliance that Erin captured, I felt like a Supah-Star! When all was said and done, I thought to myself, what a beautiful and memorable experience! Of course they don’t all say it outright, but THIS is the experience every bride-to-be wants to have!!  And if I was able to give back just a small part of it, I would consider it paid forward :)

Here’s the image she took in the driveway:

Erin with Monica at the engagement ceremony

It was at that time I realized how fascinated I was with this “thing” people refer to as photography. I knew I wanted to be a part of ‘creating’ it in whatever aspect I could get my hands on. I wanted the camera they all had, the knowledge they all shared, and most of all shoot the way they all shoot… for fun of course! Afterall, I have a full-time job at a big-four firm going on 7 years now ;)

I was always the one between my friends & family who ALWAYS had my camera, in my purse, ready to shoot, wherever I was.  May it be a luncheon, a birthday party, or a family gathering…I always took the snaps and posted online.  It wasn’t until one of my girlfriend’s, Sherry, asked me for a favor. “Hey Geeta, do you mind taking pictures at my baby shower?” At first I thought, huh?… really? you want ME to take your official pictures?!?! Ok, well I guess I can? But if you want anything professional looking, you might wanna hire a real photographer…just sayin! I felt a little pressured and wanted to do the best I could. So I took pictures, captured everything as best I could, and posted them, on Facebook! THEN began the trickling of feedback… feedback that was unexpectedly positive! WORD!! Next thing I know my friends are telling me I should really do this professionally…”you’re really good Geeta”…”Geeta, did you take those??”…”maybe you should give up your 60 hours a week and traveling at the firm for photography Geeters.”  Sherry even mentioned she had a few people ask her if I was a professional and if I was available to shoot their events; available for hire. haha. For hire?  Heck, I thought, let me dabble and see where this goes… BUT if this is something I’m serious about, well then I better get learnin’ !!

The passion is there, the ‘want’ to be great is in full gear, and the potential is within reach. So… join me… stay with me… and share with me… this journey into the world of photography!