Sheraton Harbor Island Wedding | Sachin & Purvee

Ok, did you take a breather? Get a glass of water? Good!! Now kick your jogging shoes off, sit back and enjoy the beautiful traditional Wedding & Reception… the finish line is almost near.

Continuing on from Sachin and Purvee’s Marathon Pre-Wedding Events, Manish and I awoke bright and early, made our way down to the Sheraton Harbor Island in San Diego.  We divided, and conquered…I started with Purvee getting ready in her dressing room, and Manish with Sachin in his.  Sachin and Purvee opted for the “First Look” and boy was I thrilled.  I must say, capturing the First Look moments are my absolute FAV!  Although the wedding was scheduled to be outdoors, overlooking the beautiful ocean, the day turned out to be a bit chillier than anticipated…so indoors it was! Weddings are much like moving water…you just have to go with the flow. I always tell my brides, don’t sweat it if things don’t go as planned, keep the end goal in mind, smile, and just have fun! Purvee did just that…her smile was radiating from cheek to cheek all day.  Sachin was dashing, confident, and ready to finally marry the woman who’s eyes he’s been gazing so deeply into with admiration…

On a side note, and this is something truly representative of the kindness in Sachin and Purvee’s families. They were such great hosts, took care of us as if we were their very own guests…actually NO, I take that back…as if we were Family!  I mean seriously, we just met them over the weekend, and everyday without fail, they were making sure we ate, took breaks, and we were having fun.  We truly appreciated their generosity, hospitality, and care.  The proof is at the end of this blog post…come 11pm, they took our cameras out of our hands, and drug us onto the dance floor!  The rest was history :)