Rishi & Priya | UCI and Laguna Beach Eng Session

The ultimate Chicago Bulls fans…Rishi and Priya were game for just about anything! We strolled around UCI, where their love story’s 1st chapter began. Prancing around UCI with them brought back fond college memories for myself as well. Having graduated from UCI myself not too long ago… Ok well who am I kidding, LONG AGO…it was nice to be back and see all that’s changed, and rather much that hasn’t.  Although attending college there and then coming back to shoot there, I appreciated the architecture, greenery, and bridges on a photographic level…just plain purdy! Rishi and Priya came prepared to laugh, jump into shopping carts, and climb some rocks…keep viewing, you’ll see what I mean ;)  From UCI, we headed to Laguna Beach to catch the sunset and low tide. BTW, Rishi, thanks for going along w/ my crazy ideas ;)  I hope you were able to get your suit dry-cleaned…!

Rishi and Priya, thanks for trusting us to capture your moments! Congratulations again and we wish you nothing but wedded BLISS!!