Riddhi + Vishall :: Engagement Session :: Bella Collina Towne & Golf Club

I had a blast working with these two at our recent Engagement shoot.  Riddhi was all smiles and Vishall was so genuine.  I love shooting couples who exude such a natural connection & love for one another.  It’s so apparent these two are inseparable… I mean, I caught them sneaking in hugs, pecks, & squeezes when I wasn’t looking! Oh yah, nope, not allowed!  Any hugs & pecks MUST be administered while my camera is rolling ;) No exceptions!  Hah!

I truly and wholeheartedly appreciated their value for keepsake moments.  They came early and ready, brought a bag FULL of props and trinkets… just as I had requested.  I was ecstatic over the sheer amount of fun we were about to have for the next 2 hours.  As you peruse through a few of my favs blogged below, you’ll see exactly what I’m referring to ;) Ok and here’s the kicker… at the end of their session, they hand me a gift bag for our little ones!!  WHAT?!  Get outta here!  Totally unexpected and SOO utterly thoughtful! I was floored, speechless, and humbled at the sheer amount of kindness.   I love my job to pieces… but in order to do this for a living, Manish and I spend many weekends away from them (Rivan now 2.5 and Ryla 3 Months).  So when a client acknowledges our munchkins, we MELT!

LOVED working with them!  So EAGERLY looking forward to spending more time with them at their wedding this July!

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