FAQs – Weddings



Q  ::  Do you provide Videography / Cinematography services?

A  ::  No, we specialize in providing creative photography services.  Videographers are versed in telling a story through moving images combined with sound-mixing whereas Photographers tell a story with single images, “stills.”  The experience, craft, and creative eye behind both services in my opinion are very different and require separate skill sets.  The differences also lie with the selection of subjects within each frame, the composition, focus, aspect ratios, etc. along with the underliying creative art & editing processes.  If you need Cinematography referrals, please contact me directly.  I can refer a few companies that are well experienced covering south asian/indian weddings, and work well alongside us.  Collaboration between both the Photographer and Cinematographer is key in capturing the best of both realms.  If we haven’t worked with your chosen Cinematographer before, we’ll make sure to reach out to them prior to your wedding, introduce ourselves, and establish that relationship so as to provide for the optimal coverage on your big day!


Q  ::  I’m not sure how many hours of coverage I really need…What do you recommend?

A  ::  This varies; I’ll explain how.  For a full-day wedding & reception package, we like to begin coverage approximately 1 hour after bridal hair/makeup begins.  We begin coverage of the bridal details such as the lehenga/saree, jewelry, shoes, and the rings.  Feel free to bring other items to your dressing room if you’d like detail shots of them, such as your wedding invitations, wedding programs, etc.  Then once the bridal makeup is about halfway through (foundation is done & eye’s are almost complete), we begin the Bride’s “getting ready” photos.  At this time the 2nd lead photographer heads over to the groom’s dressing room for the groom’s getting ready photos.  We continue tag-team shooting this way all day until the end of your reception.  Once the reception dancing has begun we like to cover that for approximately an hour.  We CAN cover the entire dancing time however the additional photos probably won’t add much more value to your overall gallery of images, as those photos tend to get redundant after a certain point, but we’re happy to stay as long as you wish.  Upon the end of your contracted time, we will ask you and/or your wedding coordinator, in the case you would like to extend our coverage.


Q  ::  Do you travel? What are your travel fees?

A  ::  Yes!  We’re available & ready to travel worldwide!  Our destination wedding packages are not marked up; they are the same as our local wedding packages.  However, a flat travel fee is added to your package, which covers our flights & expenses.  We would just ask that you kindly provide hotel accommodations at the wedding venue/hotel.


Q  ::  Who will be our Photographers?  Should we meet you before the wedding?

A  ::  I personally cover all weddings along with a 2nd photographer and Lighting Assistant/3rd Shooter from my trained team.  Of course we should meet before your wedding when and if possible.  Usually meeting over coffee or before your engagement session is a great idea and allows me to get to know you as a couple.


Q  ::  Will you stay later if we’re running behind schedule?

A  ::  When we book a wedding, we dedicate the entire day(s) to your wedding coverage fully.  If you’ve booked a package with a designated number of hours, then your coverage hours would start and end at the contracted time.  Upon the completion of the contracted hours, we’ll consult with you/your wedding coordinator, and check whether you would like to extend our time.


Q  ::  If there is a break between our wedding and reception, can we book you for less hours?

A  ::  Unfortunately, no, as there is no true ‘break’ during a wedding day.  If you’ve booked a package with contracted start & end times, and there is a break between your events, then we’ll be using this time to setup lighting for the reception, take venue shots, cover the ballroom decor shots, upload & back up your wedding images, etc, and as such there is no true ‘break’ during any wedding day for the photographers.  Hope you understand.


Q  ::  What kind of equipment do you use?

A  ::  Although equipment has only a fraction to do with capturing great images, using professional equipment IS still necessary in attaining the best quality images.  We do use Canon’s high end professional full frame sensor bodies along with their pro line L series lenses:


Q  ::  Do you double book?

A  ::  No, nope, & never!  I personally shoot all weddings and therefore cannot and will not double book dates or even weekends for that matter.  We will only take one wedding per week/weekend so as to ensure each and every client receives 100% of our energy, passion, and attention.  (Clients usually book our services 6-12 months in advance.)  We highly recommend booking well in advance if you’re getting married during California’s wedding season (May-Oct).


Q  ::  Are you insured?

A  ::  Yes…we have to be.  Most all venues require Photographer Liability Insurance in order to take photos on property.  We’re happy to provide your venue the appropriate COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon request.


Q  ::  How much time should we allocate throughout the day for photos?

A  ::  This truly depends and varies but on average clients need 10-16 hours for typical ethnic ceremonies followed by a reception.  Keep in mind, you’ll likely spend thousands of dollars on outfits, florals, the venue, and catering, which you’ll have for only one day, but your Photos & Videos will be the only keepsakes you’ll have to remember that one day for the rest of your lives.  Therefore, please consider your time carefully when allocating it on your Photos.

  • Before the Wedding:
    • 1.5-3 Hours – Bridal Hair/Makeup – this is the average time spent on photo coverage in the dressing room; getting ready for the wedding.
    • 1 – 1.5 Hours – Wedding Portraits – First-Look photos followed by the Couples Session around the hotel/venue, etc.  We highly recommend taking these photos before your ceremony for many reasons.  Your makeup/hair/draping is fresh, you’re not exhausted yet, and you can enjoy seeing each other for the first time in an intimate-private setting.
    • 30 Min – Bridal Party Portraits – We’ll take you and your bridal party to a separate location for some fun group portraits.
    • 30 Min – Family Portraits – Depending on the size of your immediate/extended family this amount of time can vary.  Please contact me for specifics should you need further help allocating time here.
  • After the Wedding Ceremony:
    • 30-60 Mins – Friends/Family Photos – Please prepare a Photo List in advance of the groups of people you’d like to have photos with.  Designate one person (someone responsible, prompt) on each side of the family to be in charge of this Photo List.  These 2 people should ensure everyone on the list is present, on time, and ready for photos.  We will take over from there.  Traditionally these photos are taken in the Mandap, however we can do them anywhere else if you prefer non-mandap photos.  Again, the time necessary will differ based on how large/small your groups are; plan for 3-5 mins per group on average.
  • Before the Reception:
    • 1 Hour – Reception Portraits – Couples Photos around the hotel/venue.
    • 20-30 Min – Immediate Family Photos inside the ballroom.


Q  ::  How long does it take to get our images?

A  ::  Typically, turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.  In the busy months (May-Oct), it can take upto 8 weeks.


Q  ::  Do you DELIVER all of the images you shoot?

A  ::  Yes, we deliver everything we shoot (minus any erroneous images; people blinking, duplicates, test shots, etc.)


Q  ::  Do you EDIT all of the images you shoot?

A  ::  Yes, we edit every image that we deliver.  All RAW (straight out of the camera/SOC) images undergo our standard editing process of post production and then converted to high resolution JPEGs for delivery.


Q  ::  How many photos can we expect to receive?

A  ::  We typically average about 100 images per hour of coverage, with 2 photographers.  This also depends on how much activity is occurring, whether there are breaks, etc.

Q  ::  Do you post ALL of my images on your blog?

A  ::  No, just my favorites and enough to tell your story from beginning to end.  I also don’t blog every wedding I shoot.  It just depends on the overall wedding, number of events, how much free time I have to blog, etc.


Q  ::  Will your logo be placed on the final images we receive?

A  ::  No, our logos are ONLY placed on images posted on the blog/website and social media avenues such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  Your album, digital negatives/high res image files, canvas enlargements, etc WILL NOT display our logo.


Q  ::  Do you provide ownership rights for reprint?

A  ::  Yes, you own your high res digital image files outright and have full rights to reprint them for personal use only.  You may not use the images for any commercial purpose, publish them (without prior consent), or sell them without written consent from RANDERYimagery.


Q  ::  Do you backup and archive my images?

A  ::  Yes, your images are uploaded & backed up immediately after the wedding (if time permits) and again after your reception; before we leave your venue.  Then your images are uploaded & backed up to a desktop for editing.  The desktop’s hard drive is then backed up to an external hard drive, which is also backed up to an offsite backup solution.  Your images are very safe and secure with us  :)



Q  ::  Do we really NEED an engagement session?

A  ::  The simple answer is ummm YES, of course you do!  I HIGHLY recommend having one AND TOO by the same photographers shooting your wedding, as this will add more value to your wedding images later.  Consider this the perfect opportunity to get to know us and establish a relationship before your wedding.  After all, we will be the people you spend the MOST time with on your wedding day; from your dressing room all the way to the dance floor…so why not get to know us!  You’ll also benefit from the session by knowing how we pose & direct you, how we work, how we get those candid moments out of you, and for us to see how comfortable you are in front of the camera.  All in all, on the wedding day you’ll already be comfortable w/ your photographers, know what to expect, know what to do and SHINE in front of the camera…so YES, you do need an engagement session!


Q  ::  When should we schedule our Engagement session?

A  ::  I recommend as soon as you book your wedding, however at the very least, 2-3 months prior to your wedding to allow for ample post-processing time (4 weeks) and the designing/ordering/shipping of your Canvas Enlargement.


Q  ::  Can we do our Engagement Shoot in 2 locations that are slightly far away from each other?

A  ::  Yes, however I do not recommend it.  Typically, you want to choose 2 locations within close proximity so as to maximize our photo and available sunlight time.


For additional information, please see my Engagement Session Tips post.