Randy & Jodi


Recently, Manish and I went over to Monica & Sachin’s house to tackle wedding favors, and Erin came over as well!  It was nice to see her and learn about the Photography world. I had so many questions for her, and she happily returned a breadth of knowledge. She provided so much insight, direction, and support. As I frantically took notes she says, “Hey, if you ever want to 2nd shoot for me, lemme know!” I thought, really? No way! How rad would that be!?!?!

So here you have it, the woman with the big heart, aka Erin Hughes, recently allowed me to shoot a wedding with her. The entire time I kept thinking, wow, how awesome is she to let me tag along with her! I was SO excited, but afraid on the same note. This was my first time ever shooting a wedding, but more so I didn’t want to let Erin down. She was so delightful, she even helped me along the way; gave me neat pointers on angles, lighting, settings, and frames. It was such a great experience, and I can’t thank her enough for giving that experience to me! I’ll never forget it! Although, I won’t lie, it was tough! I have a new found respect for photographers. It’s not easy! I had to be on my toes, know what settings were right for each lighting situation, change them as we quickly moved around from indoor to outdoor and back, switch out lenses, etc. That was definitely the hardest! However, practice, practice, practice, is the motto. Now, 88 more 2nd shooting opportunities, and I think I’ll have it down!

Randy & Jodi’s wedding was at the Etiwanda Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga… so serene and beautiful. We had our fingers crossed it wouldn’t rain… and surely it stayed clear for as long as we needed to be outdoors. Here are a few of my favorites…