Marina Del Rey Rooftop Wedding | Manish & Aparna {Part 2 of 3}


“My Manish is ready for your Manish, but is yours ready for mine?”… and so the confusion began, making Manish & Aparna one memorable couple to work with!  (My) Manish and I had the utmost pleasure spending the weekend shooting Manish & Aparna’s memorable festivities beginning with their Mendi/Sangeet and Garba, shot the days leading upto the wedding.  This wedding was admittedly the most scenic one we’ve done in a while.  The skyline was such a breath of fresh air…beautiful, serene, colorful, and captivating, all in one snapshot.  Go ahead, sit back, relax, and take in this breath of fresh air…or just scroll down for our version of it  ;)  (Reception Post coming soon!)


Special thanks to Nishant & Amit Kotecha of 3D Sounds for introducing us to one amazing couple!!