Jigar & Sonya | Coronado Island Wedding

A HOT summery day, a vibrantly excited group of friends & family, and the very BLUE Coronado Island Bay made an exceptionally bright and colorful backdrop for today’s wedding post!  One of the best parts about our job is that we get to make friends along the way.  Although Jigar and Sonya were Manish’s family friends from San Diego, we were honored to have got to know both of them on a personal level through their wedding and meetings with them.  They were wonderful to work with… secretly and partially because they knew exactly what they wanted!  Sonya scoured my blog from start to finish well in advance, knew the style she was looking for, and was familiar with the exact image-vibe she sought after.  This, in my books, is one ‘PREEpared’ bride who made our shooting experience that much more enjoyable.  The highlight of this wedding was hands down their chemistry, fun spirits, and connection with one another.  This was prevalent in every one of their images.  As I sat editing this batch, I felt their joy and sensed they truly absorbed every moment of their wedding.  We are so happy for you Jigar & Sonya and wish you both a lifetime of wedded bliss ahead!


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