Fullerton Arboretum Wedding | Vishrut & Deval

I had the honor of second shooting this colorful, fun-spirited, and energetic wedding with the ultra sweet Rob Fadtke.  Here are just a few of my favs…

I love when a couple opts to have a First Look…there’s nothing more intimate and rewarding than capturing their very first glance at each other. Vish was so excited to see his bride, he couldn’t help but urge her escorts to “hurry up!”

Deval looked stunning,..Vish couldn’t keep his eye’s off her for even a second! Seeeee!

The lush & green preserve made for one beautiful backdrop, image after image…breathtaking!


…did I mention, these men can DANCE! Nothing like a lively Baarat, a Dhol Master, mixed in with some filmy beats, and yup topped off with some Kolaveri Di Lol.

Let the battle begin! I knew the shoes were going to come off soon, but I definitely didn’t expect them to disappear before he reached the Milni Gate. The ladies side must’ve schemed it precisely!

Vish patiently awaits behind the antarpat as his beautiful bride makes her way down the aisle…

7 Phera’s later…I think Vish took his seat first (sorry Deval…this one probably goes to him :)

…if only they made magnetic snap-on Mangal Sutras…the market is definitely there!


The nerve wrenching elevator ride, awaiting to see Vish, but ready to dance the night away!

Kicking off the night with Nigam’s charm, Anand & Priyanka’s moves like jagger, and the newly married couples Pizaaz!