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Shana + Rishi :: Engagement Session :: Laguna Hills

Those that follow my blog, FB, and IG pages KNOW just how excited I am to photograph Shana Kalaria & Rishi Ardeshna’s wedding next month.  I get to spend the weekend with the Kalaria family yet AGAIN… just 16 months after their first daughter, Sonia, tied the knot!  You might remember my stunning couple Sonia & Ravi from last year’s SEVEN wedding events we covered.  The Kalaria’s have two gorgeous daughters and I couldn’t be more happy to be a part of BOTH of these wonderful milestones in their lives.  THANK YOU Kalaria family for the honor and trusting us with both of your gems!

I have to admit, I was super bummed when I initially heard I wasn’t going to shoot Shana and Rishi’s engagement session.  They both live in Texas, completing their residency in medicine (Plastic Surgeon & Anesthesiologist) and couldn’t get days off simultaneously for the photo session.  But Shana was determined she wanted me to shoot it, we went back and forth with a few date options, and were able to luckily work out a time for them to fly in for their session!!  I was ecstatic!!  Shana requested something unique yet beachy… rustic yet regal… and let me pick the locations.  She entrusted me, so I had to deliver… and I couldn’t think of a better spot than the scenic hillside overlooking Laguna Beach.  Not to mention, I knew her beautiful red gown would perfectly complement the lush greens and blue skies!

I’m beyond words… at just how much I love the way these images came out!  It was uber difficult narrowing down just a handful to blog.  Shana & Rishi, thanks for being so amazing, entrusting me, and going along with whatever I threw your way.  XoXo  T-30 days and counting!

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01-Laguna-Canyon-Scenic-Elegant-rustic-Engagement-Session 02-Laguna-Canyon-Scenic-Elegant-rustic-regal-red-dress-Engagement-Session 03-Laguna-Beach-chic-Elegant-rustic-regal-red-dress-Engagement-Photos 04-Laguna-orange-county-edgy-Elegant-regal-affluent-red-dress-Engagement-pictures 05-Hillside-orange-county-skyline-Elegant-regal-sunset-red-dress-Engagement-session 06-Laguna-coast-orange-county-trail-elegant-regal-sunset-red-dress-Engagement-session 07-Laguna-coast-orange-county-trail-elegant-regal-sunset-red-dress-Engagement-session 08-Laguna-Cove-orange-county-beach-elegant-regal-sunset-red-dress-Engagement-session 09-Laguna-Beach-cliffs-orange-county-ocean-sunset-beautiful-Engagement-session 10-Laguna-Beach-cliffs-orange-county-ocean-sunset-beautiful-Engagement-session 11-Laguna-Beach-cliffs-orange-county-ocean-sunset-beautiful-Engagement-session 12-Laguna-Beach-cliffs-orange-county-ocean-sunset-beautiful-Engagement-session 13-Laguna-Beach-park-orange-county-sand-street-night-photos-Engagement-session 14-Laguna-Beach-park-orange-county-night-black-and-white-Engagement-session 15-Beach-orange-county-night-moon-shot-Engagement-Photos

Priyanka + Anuj :: Engagement Session :: Pasadena

Happy Monday FBers!  Can I just take a second this morning to show off just how HOT and CHIC my new bride & groom-to-be are?!  Priyanka & Anuj will be tying the knot this August and requested an engagement photo session that was a bit edgy yet fun, dramatic yet warm, and vibrant yet chic.  They selected the beautiful Pasadena City Hall area as their backdrop and I couldn’t have been happier :) A gorgeous setting for an even more stunning couple!

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01-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 02-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 03-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 04-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 05.1-Pasadena-City-Hall-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-beautiful-photoshoot 06-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 07-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 08-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 09-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 10-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 11-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 12-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 13-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 14-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-photoshoot 15-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-makeup-ring 16-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-makeup-ring 17-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-makeup-ring 18-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Indian-Engagement-Photography-makeup-ring 19-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Night-Engagement-Photography-beautiful 20-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Bridge-Night-Engagement-Photography-beautiful 21-Pasadena-Los-Angeles-Bridge-Night-Engagement-Photography-beautiful