Surprise!…Happy 60th Birthday

Punita thought she was attending her daughter-in-law’s graduation, but the surprise was all hers.  Ankur and Binal’s sneakiness was about to be put to the test.  After months of planning behind their mom’s back, the surprise was executed flawlessly.  The sheer expression on Punita’s face was a joy to capture.  Great work guys, you did it!!  You can’t go wrong with the classic indian venue of Diamond Palace!  Great food, bumping music, and an endless supply of “Kaala on Kaala”… aka Black & Coke!  Cheers!!

2 Responses to “Surprise!…Happy 60th Birthday”

  1. Avani says:

    It was really nice meeting you. You were very professional and did a wonderful job. The pictures look incredible!!!!

  2. Ankur Shah says:

    Damn you even made me look good! Amazing! You caught all the perfect moments!

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