CONGRATULATIONS Nisha Patel on this New Year’s Day!

After making the decision to have a New Years drawing for a free photo session for our Facebook Page “LIKEers,” I thought it would be simple.  However, with over 80 “LIKEs” it didn’t quite pan out the way I envisioned it in my head.  Write the names on little snippets of paper, fold ‘em up, throw ‘em in a basket, close your eyes, do the honors, and VOILA!  Although when things sound that easy, they are likely NOT!  I even tried asking SIRI to pick my random winner, but she respectfully said I was a nut job and implied I needed therapy.  So in thinking it over a few times, contemplating the most efficient way, and spending the least amount of man-hours carrying this out, it hit me!!  Ummm duh!  EXCEL!!  Excel has always been the answer to everything complicated, so why not now?  RIGHT!  So I export my dandy list of “LIKES” from the page, dump it in Excel, and BAM!  Well, I won’t lie; it wasn’t that swift LoL!  Unlike SIRI, Excel actually requires the entry of formulas!  Accordingly, after a few nifty ones; (=INDEX), (=ROUND), (=COUNT), and (=RAND)… (aka: random)… I was in my element!  A couple of test runs later I invited Manish over to hit the honorary “ENTER” key on my laptop and there we had it… our very first session winner, Miss Nisha Patel!! Congratulations again Nisha and I look forward to meeting you!  Hoping to bring out YOUR highlights!!

Let’s kick off the New 2012 Year with a little humor shall we?… Happy New Year Everyone!!

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