Jingle Juice or Prancer’s Pee?!

Neil & Payal’s Holiday Cheer

Walk into Neil & Payal’s beautiful condo overlooking LA Live, you’re prompted by an intimidating question on a tent card placed next to their front door… “Jingle Juice or Prancer’s Pee?” Uuughh… normally that’d be an easy one however last night, I’ll admit I alone drank 3 gallons of Prancer’s Pee… Dee-LISH!  I was so blown away by Neil & Payal’s little cave of creativity that my plan of enjoying the night withOUT the camera didn’t quite fly.  I couldn’t help bust it out and attempt to capture just a few of her astonishing little elements. Cheers!!

Thank You Neil & Payal for a FAB evening!

Downtown LA Live –  LOS ANGELES, CA

Before Neil & Payal’s fab holiday evening, Manish & I strolled across the street to LA Live. We couldn’t pass on witnessing the lighted pseudo-tree everyone keeps talking about.  Once there, my eyes lit up! I was in love w/the scene.  I won’t lie, it’s worth all the hype, so if you haven’t already, stop by and be blown away.  The focal point of LA Live is a contemporary, modern, fresh take on Christmas!  Enjoy!


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Naples, enjoy the beautiful canals! Manish & I were on our way to Neema Lodhia’s “Wedding Store 24 Bride & Vendor Mixer” this past Wednesday in Long Beach when we had some time to spare and thought, let’s check out Naples!  The beautiful waterways of what seemed like a peaceful village that happen to fall within the city limits of Long Beach is what locals call Naples Island. It’s a little gem of a town hidden within the Alamitos Bay canals. I guess it’s true, when in Naples, you’ll feel the passion that’s AMORE!

Christmas Island of Naples

Christmas Island of Naples

Christmas Island of Naples

Christmas Island of Naples


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    Love all the pictures! Fantastic shots! I want to see more!

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