1 Mowji 2 Mowji 3 Mowji 4…!

5 Mowji, 6 Mowji, 7 Mowji, MORE!   I had the delight of spending some picture-phun-time with Amar and Shaili Mowji last week for a session at their house in Orange, CA.  Amar & Shaili have 2 year old twins, Sassy Saya & Kingman Kaden, who were so amusingly entertaining… despite missing their precious nap time, were a joy to follow around (I think I’ve secretly become their groupie)  To my surprise, soon after beginning the session with Amar & Shaili, Papa Mowji wanted to get in on the fun.  So he quickly changed his clothes [matching the kiddos of course] and joined the session before he left for work.  Shortly after, Mama Mowji decided she wanted IN too!  On goes her harmonized attire… but she doesn’t jump in alone… nope!  She pulls in Amar’s sisters, Deepa and Divya, and even Grandma Mowji!  Once they were in, the rest had no choice but to join in.  Coincidentally the entire Mowji family had visited for the holidays that day. There were so many Mowji’s signing-up I lost count! … Although I was pleasantly THRILLED!

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  1. Great pics! You definitely have the photographers eye… For the longest time my wife and I have been wanting to do a family photo session. Any ideas…… ; )

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