Shailin’s 1st Birthday

With all the stellar details Shailin’s “Chugga Choo Choo” Train themed 1st Birthday bash was clearly very easy AND fun to capture. When the sheer level of detail is present, the colors are vibrant, and the people are so happy, my work is half done! Shelly and Shashi pulled all the creative stops; prevalent through these images of course. I loved how everything was so kid-friendly; including having their own miniature tables & chairs, an enclosed play area for the toddlers, a candy bar, a face painter, and my favorite of them all, Woody and Buzz Lightyear!! They showed up midway through the day… Sohan’s reaction to their arrival was simply priceless! I think he ran back and forth, in place, 48.3 times, out of sheer excitement!! He just loved those characters THAT much! I’m sure it was that moment alone that made both parents, Shelly & Shashi, think “YUP, this is all worth it!” Funny though, that as much as Sohan loved the characters, Shailin was frightened to his wits by them. The very last picture of Shailin looking up at Woody is to die for. Thank you Shelly & Shashi for having me be a part of your special celebration!

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