14 Days Till Wedded Bliss

Amidst the obvious new addiction, Manish, I, and the families are trailing on the last stretch of planning our much anticipated wedding this Thanksgiving weekend. The wedding festivities begin in (gasp) 14 DAYS!! Where in the world is the time going? I remember as though it was yesterday, but it was in January when Manish proposed and made me smile big from ear to ear. It was definitely unexpected, but happily accepted! (wink wink) India shopping, venue hunting, vendor comparisons, and food tasting will all culminate 2 weeks from today, to make a lifetime of memories. We have a jam packed 4 day weekend which will be kicked off with a Garba, followed by the Grahashanti, then Wedding, and finally the Reception. Thankfully all held on separate days to allow for some breathing room; what a relief. Right about now we’re anxiously awaiting the celebrations with our dearest friends and family. Speaking of friends and family, we’re so blessed! Every time I stop to think how many hands are involved in making this weekend come to life, I feel warm inside. So a heartfelt thank you goes out to all our friends and family who’ve helped shape our upcoming festivities!!!

For now, we’re counting down the days, gazing hopelessly at our To-Do list, and pondering when & where it ends? I think the right answer to that is, “when the wedding begins.” Then what’s done is done, and what’s not done is… well it’s just NOT going to be done! Hah! The challenge in that is making it seem seamless, and if done properly, no one will know the difference! (I’ll let you know how that goes…) In the meantime, here are a few snaps I took around the house. As you can tell, I couldn’t resist capturing our own little details…

Aside from getting married to my best friend, I’m second most excited about the transition into each others’ lives… in that there ISN’T one! Oh I love the sound of that! I’ve heard that most newlywed couples have a rough 1st year in transitioning, compromising, and just growing accustomed to having someone else in your space. I know it’s not ideal nor is it the traditional gujarati way to go about it, but Manish and I have been all up in each others space for over 3 years, and we’re ecstatic about not having to “transition” anywhere afterwards. We get to simply come home and RELAX! (sigh…) We’ll finally get to spend lazy Sundays watching back to back Dexter episodes again ;) Can’t wait!